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Photo by Kevin Reeves courtesy of Westlake Reed Leskosky

  • Featured Stories

    Our Teachers Teach—and More /

  • Designing the Future /

    A design symposium allows students and alumni to dream big, and dream green. /

  • Mideast Meets Midwest /

    While sharing pizza might not bring peace, an intensive seminar on campus this summer has brought a greater understanding to the Palestinian, Israeli, and Oberlin students who were part of the innovative international program. /

  • Before & After Jazz at Oberlin /

    The Brubeck album Jazz at Oberlin was “a watershed moment” in jazz, according to Wendell Logan, who created a few such moments himself. Founding Oberlin’s jazz studies department was one. Being the force behind the new Bertram and Judith Kohl Building is another. /

  • Q&A: Roland Baumann /

    The former college archivist and author of Constructing Black Education at Oberlin College: A Documentary History answers a few questions. /

  • A Different Light /

    Pairing works from the Allen Memorial Art Museum with those of the Met and the Phillips brings new insight to all three collections. /

  • Commencement/Reunion 2010 /

    A photo album from this year’s Commencement/Reunion weekend, plus an interview with commencement speaker Julie Taymor ’74, the film, theater and opera director.

  • Q&A: Julie Taymor /

    Julie Taymor ’74, director of films, theater and opera is not intimidated by icons. She’s worked with Disney, the music of the Beatles, and, coming soon to Broadway, comic book superhero Spiderman. /

  • Oberlin College State-of-the-College Address /

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