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  • Keeping Oberlin Healthy

    From the President
    Marvin Krislov

  • Juxtapositions /

    Oberlin (the book) is creating a buzz among the alumni. And while some recognize themselves, others recognize the spirit of their own experience.

  • Before and After Title IX /

    Forty years ago, Title IX sought to level the playing fields by mandating equal athletic opportunities for men and women. Was Oberlin ahead of the game?

  • From the Heart of the Country /

    Mika Johnson '00 and Jeffrey Pence '88 were making a film based on Franz Kafka's story of a European Teenager traveling in America when they found something they didn't realize they were looking for.

  • The Class of 2016 Applies Itself /

    "Why Oberlin?" is a question that applicants to the college must answer, along with submitting a personal essay. We've shared excerpts from each.

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