Oberlin College

Department of Physics and Astronomy
physics demonstration list
    Math and Measurement
        Basic Units
        Vernier Scale
        1000 cubic centimeter block
        Euler's Angles Model
        Conic Sections
        Powers of Ten
        Reaction Timer
        Motion in One Dimension
            Inclined Air Track
            Motion Videos
            Uniform Acceleration: Flashing LED
            Projectile Motion in Reverse
            Small Mass Pulling Large Mass
            Coin and Feather Tube
            Hammer and Feather on the Moon
            Air Resistance
            Measurement of g
                Free Fall Timer
                Free Fall Motion Graphs with Sonic Ranger
                Electromagnetic Induction and Free Fall
        Motion in Two Dimensions
            Projectile Motion
                Simultaneous Fall
                Simultaneous Fall - Pasco Version
                Projectile Cart
                Monkey and Hunter
                Monkey and Hunter v 2
                Projectile Motion in Reverse
            Circular Motion
                Cork Accelerometer
                Centripetal Force
                Broken Ring
                Penny and Coathanger
                Ball on a String
                Bucket of Water
                Tension in a Pendulum String
                Coins on Turntable
                Corn in a Rotating Reference Frame
                Newton's Vessel
                Water Parabola
                Bead on a Rotating Hoop
                Centrifugal Hoops
                Double Conical Pendulum
            Motion of Center of Mass
                Tossed Hammer
                Weighted Ball
                Weighted Frisbee
                Weighted Disk
                Electrostatic Solar System
                Air Track Pendulum Glider
                Tank on Air Track
            Brachistochrone Track
            High Road, Low Road
            Wireless Accelerometer
            Wiimote Accelerometer
        Relative Motion
            Frames of Reference
            Relative Velocities
            Foucault Pendulum
            Model Foucault Pendulum
            Corn in a Rotating Reference Frame
            Coriolis Effect
    Newton's Laws
        Newton's First Law
            Inertia Ball
            Card Snap
            Paper and Flask
            Broomstick on Wineglasses
            Hammer and Cups
            Glider on Level Air Track
        Newton's Second Law
            Accelerated Air Track Glider
            Inclined Air Track
            A Million to One
            Atwood's Machine
            Atwood's Machine - Computer Version
            Tension vs. Weight
            Terminal Velocity
            Air Resistance
            Accelerated Reference Frames
                Einstein's Toy
                Dropped Slinky
                Groan Tube
        Newton's Third Law
            Hero's Engine
            Water Rocket
            Collision Carts and Force Sensors
            Collision Carts
            Collision Carts on Balanced Track
            Action/Reaction Carts
            Fan Cart
                Friction Block and Force Sensor
                Friction Block and Spring Scale
                Paper and Flask
                Friction Around a Rod
                Falling Flask Capstan
                Phone Book Pull
            Dynamic Torque
                Walking the Spool
                Falling Chimney
                Bed of Nails
                Balloon on a Bed of Nails
    Statics of Rigid Bodies
        Center of Mass
            Center of Mass of Irregular Slab
            Human Center of Mass
            Baseball Bat Center of Mass
            Center of Mass of Student and Bricks on Board
        Stable, Unstable, and Neutral Equilibrium
            Tipping Man
            Balancing Girl
            Leaning Tower
            Block on a Cylinder
            Double Cone on Ramp
            Twelve Nails on One
            Fork, Spoon and Match
            Balancing Acts
            Balancing Pop Can
        Resolution of Forces
            Suspended Block
            Force Table
            Components of Force
            Pulley Puzzle
            Grip Bar
            Torque Beam
            Bicycle Gears
        Cavendish Apparatus
        Torsion Balance
        Conic Sections
    Work and Energy
        Simple Machines
            Stonehenge A Frame Model
        Conservation of Energy
            Bowling Ball Pendulum
            Loop the Loop
            Two Tracks
            Maxwell's Wheel
            Spring Launcher
            Projectile Launcher
            Bungee Jump
            Energy Analogy
            Interrupted Pendulum
    Linear Momentum
            Egg Drop
            Water Rocket
            Collision Carts
            Egg Toss
            Breaking a Board
            Falling Chain
            Fan Cart with Sail
        Conservation of Linear Momentum
            Double Bounce
            Collision Balls
            Collision Balls with 3:1 Mass Ratio
            Collision Gliders
            Tank on Air Track
            Speed of Bullet
    Rotational Dynamics
        Center of Mass
            Center of Mass of Irregular Slab
            Human Center of Mass
        Rotational Inertia
            Rotational Inertia Rods
            Racing Disks
            Racing Disks - Variation
            Tensor of Inertia for Cube and Parallelopiped
            Adjustable Rotational Inertia Apparatus
            Adjustable Rotational Inertia with Rotary Motion Sensor
        Rotational Energy
            Rolling Spool on Incline
            Falling Chimney
        Angular Momentum
            Intransigent Rod
            Marion's Dumbbell
            Rotating Stool and Bicycle Wheel
            Flyball Governor
            Rotating Stool and Weights
            Variable Moment of Inertia Rotator
            Weighted Frisbee
            Train on Rotating Track
            Tops and Gyroscopes
            Gyroscopic Stability
            Gyroscope in Tube
            Gyroscope in a Suitcase
            Model Ship Stabilizer
            Gyroscope Pendulum
            Gyroscope Monorail Car
            Maxwell's Top
            Precessing Gyroscope
            Precessing Gyroscope
            Precessing Bicycle Wheel
            Pasco Gyroscope
            Suspended Bicycle Wheel
            Precession of Earth's Axis
        Rotational Stability
            Toss the Book
            Intransigent Rod
            Marion's Dumbbell
            Hurricane Balls
            Stable Axes of Rotation
    Properties of Matter
        Hooke's Law
            Mass on a Spring
            Hooke's Law
            Springs in Series and Parallel
        Tensile and Compressive Strength
            Breaking Wire
            Elastic Limit
            Bending Beam
            Bologna Bottle
            Prince Rupert's Drops
        Shear Stress
            Big Book
            Torsion Model
            Elastic Crystal Model
        Coefficient of Restitution
            Coefficient of Restitution - Amorphous Metal
            Coefficient of Restitution - Steel Balls
            Coefficient of Restitution of Tennis Balls
            Dead and Live Balls
        Crystal Structure
            Crystal Lattice Models
            Crystal Models
            Close-Packing Models
            Unit Cells
            Miller Indices
            Elastic Crystal Model
            Nitinol Wire
            Optical Transform Slides
            1-D Crystal
            2-D Crystal
            Acoustic 1-D Crystal Analog
            Thermal Conductivity of Diamond
            Thermal Conductivity of Pyrolytic Graphite
    Surface Tension
        Capillary Action
        Minimal Surface
        Submerged Float
        Two Balloons
    Fluid Statics
        Static Pressure
            Dependence of Pressure on Depth
            Pascal's Vases
        Atmospheric Pressure
            Magdeburg Hemispheres
            Crush the Can
            Stick and Newspaper
            Marshmallow in a Vacuum
            Dent Puller
            Adhesion Disks
            Vacuum Bazooka
            Archimedes Principle
            Cartesian Diver
            Lemon Squeezer
            Density Ball
            Wood Blocks
            Buoyant Force of Air
            Brick in a Boat
        Siphons, Fountains, and Pumps
            Force Pump Model
    Fluid Dynamics
        Flow Rate
            Velocity of Efflux
            Bernoulli Tubes
        Forces in Moving Fluids
            Bernoulli Tubes
            Ball in Funnel
            Hanging Light Bulbs
            Suspended Plate
            Card and Channel
            Display of Wright Brothers' Materials
            Ball in Air Stream
            Curve Ball
            Flettner Ship Model
            Terminal Velocity of Balls in Oil
            Air Resistance - Paper
            Air Resistance - Coffee Filters
        Turbulent and Streamline Flow
            Velocity Profile of Laminar Flow
            Atmospheric Circulation Model
            Simple Pendulum
            Torsion Pendulum
            Physical Pendulum
            Kater's Pendulum
            Inverted Pendulum
            Center of Percussion
            Spherical Pendulum
            Double Pendulum
            Planar Double Pendulum
            Tension in Pendulum String
        Springs and Oscillators
            Normal Modes
            SHM on Air Track
        Simple Harmonic Motion
            Mass on a Spring
            Mass on a Spring with Force and Motion Sensors
            SHM and Circular Motion - shadow projection
            SHM and Circular Motion - OHP
        Damped Oscillators
            Water-Damped Harmonic Oscillator
            Magnetically-Damped Pendulum
            Overdamping and Underdamping
        Driven Oscillators
            Pasco Driven Harmonic Motion Analyzer
            Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
            Swing Pumper Corridor Display
            Vertically-Driven Inverted Pendulum
        Coupled Oscillators
            Coupled Pendulums - Flexible Frame
            Coupled Pendulums - Springs
            Coupled Oscillators - Air Track
            Wilberforce Pendulum
            Magnetically Coupled Rotors - Geomag Version
            Magnetically Coupled Rotors - Quantitative Version
            Synchronized Metronomes
        Normal Modes
            Mass and Three Springs
            Bruce's Applets
        Lissajous Figures
            Lissajous Figures - Mechanical
            Lissajous Figures - Laser
            Sand Pendulum
            Star Display
        Non-Linear Systems
            Pasco Nonlinear Oscillator
            Poincare Section
            Chaotic Pendulum
            Chua's Circuit
            Chaos Circuit
            Planar Double Pendulum
            Randomly Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum
            Water Relaxation Oscillator
            Neon Relaxation Oscillator
            Anharmonic Oscillators computer program
            Parametric Oscillator
        Transverse Waves
            Pulses in Rubber Tubing
            Transverse Wave Demonstrator
            Hand-Cranked Wave Machine
        Longitudinal Waves
            Vertical Slinky
            Horizontal Slinky
            Hand-Cranked Wave Machine
            Crova's Disk
        Reflection and Refraction of Sound Waves
            Parabolic Reflector and Bugle
            Phase of Reflected Sound Wave
            Reflection From Fixed and Free End
            Reflecting Surfaces
            Focusing Sound with Concave Reflectors
            Acoustic Tile
            Focusing by Acoustic Lens
            Impedance and Dispersion
                Slinky and Rope
                Impedance Matching
                Dispersion - Space Phones
                Music Box Mechanism and Soundboard
                Speaker and Soundboard
                Why Pianos Need Soundboards
        Standing Waves
            Standing Waves on a String
            Standing Waves with Strobe Light
            Transverse Wave Demonstrator
            Longitudinal Standing Waves
            Crova's Disk
            Wave Projection Apparatus
            Standing Waves in a Microwave Oven
        Phase and Group Velocity
            Speed of Sound in Air
            Speed of Sound in Different Gases
            Speed of Sound and Temperature
            Group Velocity
        Wave Analysis and Synthesis
            Wave Superposition Model
            Pasco Fourier Synthesizer
            Spectrum Analyzer
            Wave Projection Apparatus
        Transfer of Energy in Waves
            Bell in a Vacuum
            Bugle and Soap Bubble
        Doppler Effect
            Doppler Ball
            Doppler Rocket
            Speaker on a Rope
            Swinging Speaker
            Doppler Reed
            Doppler Effect Animation
        Interference and Diffraction
            Superposition of Pulses - Wave Machine
            Two-Source Interference - Ripple Tank
            Two-Source Interference - Transparencies
            Interference of Sound Waves
            Sound Wave Interference: Phase Reversed Speakers
            Acoustic Radiation Pattern from Tuning Fork
            Quincke's Tube
            Six Chimes
            Two Tuning Forks
            Beats Between Two Function Generators
            Pendulum Beats
            Difference and Intercombination Tones
        Coupled Resonators
            Coupled Oscillators - Tuning Forks
            Range of Hearing
            Test of Pitch Discrimination
            Siren Disk
            Laser Siren
            Savart's Wheels
            Galton's Whistle
            Ultrasonic Chimes
            Coke Bottle
            Zip Strip
        Intensity and Attenuation
            Sound Level and Intensity
            Acoustic Tile
        Architectural Acoustics
            Reflecting Surfaces
            Reverberation Time
        Wave Analysis and Synthesis
            Periodic Signals
            Mechanical Fourier Synthesizer
            Pasco Fourier Synthesizer
            Spectrum Analyzer
            Tonal Spectra of Sung Vowels
        Music Perception and the Voice
            Standing Waves in a String
            Normal Modes of Guitar String
            Normal Modes of Stretched String
            Motion of a Bowed String - Scope Version
            Motion of a Bowed String - Strobe Light Version
            Bowed String Model
            Bowed String Animation
            Plucked String Animation
            Tension to Tune a Violin A String
            Tension to Tune a Cello String
            Forces on a Cello String
            Case Resonance of the Violin
            Air Resonance of the Violin
            Piano Action Model
            Piano String Display
            Motion of a Hammered String
            Why Pianos Need Soundboards
            Electronic Keyboard
            Keyboard Model
        Air Columns
            Standing Waves in Air Columns
            Kundt's Tube
            Longitudinal Standing Waves Applet
            Pressure Variation in Open and Closed Cylinders
            Resonant Frequencies of Open and Closed Pipes
            Resonant Frequencies of Cones
            Pressure Variation in Conical Resonator
            Helmholtz Resonators
            Howe Plungers
            Rijke Tube
            Knipp's Singing Tubes
            Acoustic Laser
            Air Pressure to Blow a Saxophone
            Organ Pipes
                Organ Pipe Waveforms
                Frequency and Air Pressure
                Pitch and Air Temperature
                Diameter and Tone
                Pipe in a Blanket
                End Corrections and Mode Switching in Organ Pipes
                Edge-Tone Demonstrator
                Organ Demonstrator
        Tuning Forks
            Motion of Tuning Fork
            Tuning Fork Resonance
            Tuning Fork Model
            Coupled Vibrations
            Acoustic Radiation Pattern of Tuning Fork
            Resonator Box
            Clang Tones
        Plates, Bars, and Solids
                Elasticity of Bars
                Singing Rod
                Wooden Xylophone
                Brass Chimes
                Longitudinal Waves in Bars
                Marimba Bars
                Glass Flexer
                Vibrations in Bar Fixed at One End
                Brass Plate
                Chladni Plates
                Standing Waves in a Stretched Circular Membrane
            Bell-like things
                Break a Glass with Sounds Waves
                Wine Glass
                Coffee Mug Standing Waves
                Standing Waves in a Circular Wire
    Sound Reproduction
            Plastic Cup Speaker/Microphone
            Carbon Microphone
            Liquid Transmitter
    Thermal Properties of Matter
        Thermal Expansion
            Linear Expansion Apparatus
            Ball and Ring
            Bimetallic Strip
            Thermostat Model
            Trevelyan Rocker
            Galilean Thermometer
            Density Ball
            Water at 4 C
        Properties of Materials at Low Temperature
            Lead Bell in Liquid Nitrogen
            Elasticity at Low Temperature
            Hammer a Nail with a Banana
    Heat and the First Law
        Heat Capacity
            Specific Heats of Various Metals
            Ruchardt's Apparatus
            Molecular Models
            Convection Tube
            Convection Box
            Convection Cells
            Thermal Conductivities of Various Metals
            Wood and Metal Rod
            Heat Propagation in a Rod
            Wall Construction
            Thermal Conductivity of Diamond
            Thermal Conductivity of Pyrolytic Graphite
            Leslie Cube
            Light a Match
            Stefan Boltzmann Law
            Infrared Camera
            Blackbody Radiation
                Blackbody Model
                Red Hot Platinum
                Variac and Light Bulb
        Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
            Lead Shot
            Fire Drill
        Four Thermos Bottles
    Changes of State
        PVT Surfaces
        Latent Heat of Vaporization of Water
        Supercooled Hand Warmer
        Pulse Glass
        Pulse Glass Engine
        Cryophorus Flask
        Drinking Bird
        Boiling by Cooling
        Ice Bomb
        Shape Memory of Nitinol Wire
        Curie Point of Nickel
        Critical Point of CO2
    Kinetic Theory
        Kinetic Theory Gas Model
        Projection Gas Model
        Brownian Motion
    Gas Laws
        Piston and Cylinder
        Fire Syringe
        Marshmallow in a Vacuum
        Galilean Thermometer
    Entropy and the Second Law
            Hilsch Ranque Vortex Tube
        Heat Cycles
            Hero's Engine
            Drinking Bird
            Stirling Engine
            Steam Engine
            Rubber Band Motor
            Nitinol Engine
            Thermoelectric Generator
            Solar-Powered Bicycle Toy
            Air Conditioner Coefficient of Performance
        Producing Static Charge
            Charging by Contact
            Wimshurst Machine
        Conductors and Insulators
            Wire vs String
            Conduction in Semiconductors
        Coulomb's Law
            Rod and Pivot
            Pith Balls
            Coulomb's Law Apparatus
        Induced Charge
            Charging by Induction
            Rotating 2 x 4
            Deflection of Water Stream
            Kelvin Electrostatic Generator
        Static Generating Machines
            Wimshurst Machine
            Van de Graaff Generator
            Hand-Held Van de Graaff Generator
    Electric Fields and Potential
        Electric Fields
            Electrostatic Hair-Raising
            Flying Pie Pans
            Field Mapping on the Computer
            Electric Field Lines: Grass Seed
            Electric Field Models
            Electric Flux and n E
            CRT Guts
            Oscilloscope Deflection Plates
            Electrostatic Chimes
            Volta's Hail Storm
                Radio in a Cage
                Zero Field Inside Closed Conductor
                Hollow Conducting Sphere
                Flexible Faraday Cage
        Electric Potentials
            Electric Potential Model
            Surface Charge Density
                Charged Zeppelin
                Lightning Rod
                Electrostatic Pinwheel
                Smoke Precipitator
                Electrostatic Solar System
            Sample Capacitors
            Variable Parallel Plate Capacitor
            Capacitor and Dielectric
            Capacitors in Series and Parallel
            Capacitor Analog
            Energy Stored in a Capacitor
            Discharge of Capacitor
            Displacement Current
            Variable Parallel Plate Capacitor
            Force on a Dielectric
        Sample Resistors
        Ohm's Law
        Resistance and Wire Cross-Section
        Resistance Model
        Temperature Dependence of Resistance
        Joule Heating: Hot Dog Cooker
        Arc Welding with a Car Battery
        Power Loss in Transmission Lines
        Glowing Pickle
        Nonohmic Behavior of Neon Bulb
    EMF and Current
        Lead/Acid Storage Battery
        Lemon Battery
        Hand Battery
        Internal Resistance of a Battery
        Good and Dead Batteris
        Hydrogen Fuel Cell
        Electrolysis of Water
        Thermoelectic Magnet
        Thermoelectric Generator
        Thermoelectric Compass
        Piezoelectric Sparker
    DC Circuits
        Resistor Cube
        Ammeter Model
        Bulbs in Series
        Series and Parallel Bulbs
        Circuit Puzzle
        Two Emfs
        RC Circuits
            Capacitor and Light Bulb
            DC RC Circuit
            Neon Relaxation Oscillator
    Magnetic Materials
            Assorted Magnets
            No Magnetic Monopole
            Gauss Accelerator
            Curie Point of Nickel
            Curie Point of Gadolinium
            Curie Temperature Motor
            Barkhausen Effect
            Mu Metal Shield
            Permalloy Rod
            Induced Magnetic Poles
            Magnetic Domain Model
            Magnetic Domains
            Hysteresis Curve
            Paramagnetism of Liquid Oxygen
            Diamagnetism of a Grape
            Diamagnetic Levitation
            Diamagnetic Graphite
            Diamagnetic Bismuth Rod
            Meissner Effect
            Levitation of Superconductor over a Magnetic Track
            Magnetoresistive Sensor
            Bismuth Spiral
        Temperature and Magnetism
            Curie Point of Nickel
            Curie Temperature Motor
            Meissner Effect
            Levitation of Superconductor over a Magnetic Track
            Superconductivity of YBCO
    Magnetic Fields and Forces
        Magnetic Fields
            Dip Needle
            Magnetic Field Probe
            Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet
            Magnetic Field of a Long Straight Wire
            Magnetic Field of a Loop of Wire
            Magnetic Field of a Solenoid
            Magnetic Field of a Toroid
            Magnetic Field of the Earth
            No Magnetic Monopole
        Force on Magnets
            Magnet and Compass
            Levitating Magnets
            Tangent Galvanometer
            Montgomery Swing
        Force on Moving Charges
            Deflection of Electron Beam
            Crooke's Tube
            Measurement of e/m
            Cyclotron Dees Model
            TV Deflection Coils
            Inside a Computer
            Hall Effect
            Electromagnetic Measurement of Flow Velocity
        Force on Current-Carrying Wires
            Jumping Wire
            Parallel Wires
            Current Balance
            Magnet and Suspended Coil
            Plastic Cup Speaker/Microphone
        Torque on Coils
            Torque on a Current Loop in a Magnetic Field
            Ammeter Model
            Simple DC Motor
            DC Motor
    Electromagnetic Induction
        Induced Currents and Forces
            Coil and Permanent Magnet
            Coil and Electromagnet
            Effect of Ferromagnetic Material on Magnetic Field
            Earth Inductor
            Rotating Coil Magnetometer
            Coil Pendulum in Magnet
            Battery-Free Flashlight
            Sinusoidal Induced Emf
            Jumping Ring
            Electromagnetic Induction and Free Fall
            Path Dependence of Induced emf
        Eddy Currents
            Eddy Current Tube
            Magnetically Damped Pendulum
            Magnetic Braking
            Eddy Current Levitator
            Sample Transformers
            Vertical Transformer
            Primary and Secondary Coils
            Jacob's Ladder
        Generators and Motors
            Hand-Cranked Generator
            AC Generator
            Bicycle Generator
            DC Motor
            Simple DC Motor
            More DC Motors
        Sample Inductors
        DC RL Circuit - ammeter
        DC RL Circuit - scope
        DC RL Circuit - LoggerPro
        Back Emf
        Auto Ignition System
        Inductor and Light Bulb in Parallel
        Transient RLC Oscillations
        RLC Mechanical Analog
    AC Circuits
        Variable Inductance
        RLC Series Circuit with 4-Channel Scope
        Resonance in RLC Series Circuit
        Resonance Curve of RLC Circuit
        Phase Relations in AC Circuits
        Power in AC Circuits
        Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters
        House Wiring
        Power Usage
        Metal Detector
    Semiconductors and Tubes
        Sample Semiconductors
        Hall Effect
        Solar Powered Bicycle Toy
        Solar Panel
        Sample Solar Cells
        LED Cooled in Liquid Nitrogen
        Using Transistors
        Cathode Ray Tubes
        Triode Model
    Electromagnetic Radiation
        Transmission Lines and Antennas
            Sample Transmission Lines
            Dipole Radiation
        Electromagnetic Spectrum
            White Light Spectrum
            Propagation of E-M Waves
            Radio Waves
            Crystal Radio
            Generation and Detection of Hertz Waves
    Geometric Optics
            Blackboard Optics Kit
            Diffuse and Specular Reflection
            Partially Reflecting Mirror
            Curved Mirrors
            Candle Illusion
            Rotating Liquid Parabolic Reflector
            Chaotic Scattering
            Anamorphic Art
            Corner Reflector
            Refractive Index
                Black Board Optics Kit
                Optical Illusion due to Refraction
                Disappearing Beaker
                Apparent Depth
                Variable Index of Refraction
                Variable Index of Refraction Display
                Twinkling Star
                Schlieren Imaging
            Total Internal Reflection
                Critical Angle - Blackboard Optics Version
                Critical Angle - Refraction Tank Version
                Optical Fiber Samples
                Optical Path in Fibers
                Plexiglas Spiral
                Plexiglas Cylinder
                Right Angle Prism Inverter
                Water Stream Light Pipe
                Rainbow Demonstration
                Prism - Blackboard Optics
                Blackboard Optics Kit
                Ray Tracing
                Spherical Aberration
                Spherical Aberration - Lens with Variable Diaphragm
                Chromatic Aberration
                Pinhole Camera
        Optical Instruments
            Telescope Model
            Microscope Model
            Monocular Model
            Flask Eye Model
        Single Slit Diffraction
        Poisson's Bright Spot
        Pinhole Diffraction
        Knife Edge Diffraction
        Diffraction Patterns with CMOS Camera
        Zone Plate
        Spatial Filtering
        Two Source Interference
            Double Slit Pattern
            Fresnel Biprism
            Overhead Transparency Showing Wavefronts
            Diffraction Gratings
            Multiple Slit Patterns
            Wavelength Dependence
            Feather Gratings
            2-D Gratings
            Optical Crystals
            Optical Transform Slides
            Laser Speckle
        Thin Film Interference
            Soap Film Interference
            Soap Film in White Light
            Soap Film in Monochromatic Light
            Air Wedge
            Newton's Rings
            Pohl's Rings
            Lens with Antireflection Coating
            Anti-Reflection Coated Windows
            Interference Filters
            Michelson Interferometer
            Michelson Interferometer - commercial version
            Microwave Interferometer
        Color Synthesis and Analysis
            Color Addition with Projectors
            Color Mixing Apparatus
            Color Mixing with an LED
            Color Addition with Light Sticks
            Complementary Shadows
            Color Subtraction
            Colored Objects in Colored Light
            White Light Spectrum
            Video Projector Spectrum
            Absorption Spectra
            Blackboard Optics Prism
            Sunset Effect
            Blue Sky
        Polarization by Absorption
        Polarization by Scattering
        Polarization by Reflection
        Polarization by Double Refraction
            Calcite Crystal
            Stress Birefringence
            Quartz Wedge
            Half Wave Plate
            Quarter Wave Plate
            Nicol Prism
            Wollaston Prism
        Circular Polarization
            Circularly Polarized Wave Model
            Optical Activity
            Optical Activity Display
            Barber Pole Display
        The Eye
            Eye Model
            Flask Eye Model
            Cenco Eye Model
            Retinal Fatigue
            Simultaneous Contrast
            Colors by Contrast
            Benham's Disk
    Quantum Effects
            Photoelectric Effect: Discharge of Zinc
            Photoelectric Effect with Neon Bulb
            Photoelectric Effect
            Solar-Powered Bicycle Toy
            Solar Panel
            Effect of Shadows on Solar Cell Array
            Photon Momentum
        Wave Mechanics
            Standing Waves in a Circular Wire
            Images of Electron Orbitals
            Uncertainty Principle Optical Analog
            Frustrated Total Internal Reflection
            Quantum Dots: Particle in a Box
            Wave Function Model
        Blackbody Radiation
            Blackbody Model
            Variac and Light Bulb
            Red Hot Platinum
        Particle/Wave Duality
            Single Photon Interference
        X-Ray and Electron Diffraction
            Electron Diffraction
            Crystal Model Showing Bragg Planes
            X-Ray Tubes
            Optical Crystals
            Optical Transform Slides
            Laser Optics
            Laser Communication
    Atomic Physics
        Periodic Table
            Emission Spectra
            Sodium Spectrum
            Absorption Spectrum
            Zeeman Effect
            Spectrum Chart
            Fluorescent Materials
            Phosphorescent Materials
        Electron Properties
            Discovery of the Electron
            Measurement of e/m
            Maltese Cross
            Paddle Wheel
        Franck Hertz experiment
        Rutherford Scattering Model
        Atomic Force Microscope Model
    Nuclear Physics
        Table of the Nuclides
            Alpha, Beta and Gamma Absorption
            Radioactive Consumer Products
            Magnetic Deflection of Beta Particles
            Discharge Electroscope with Alpha Source
            Sequential Decay of Radon Products
            Counting Statistics
            Dice Radioactive Decay Model
        Nuclear Reactions
            Mousetrap Chain Reaction
            Cloud Chamber
            Bubble Chamber Photographs
            Photomultiplier Tube
    Elementary Particles
        Fundamental Particles Chart
        Cyclotron Dees Model
        Higgs Field Analog
        Particle Detector Analog
        Forces and Curved Space
        Free Fall and Weightlessness
        Falling Slinky
        Speed of Light
        Michelson Interferometer
        Michelson Interferometer - commercial version
        Doppler Effect Animation
    Planetary Astronomy
        Retrograde Motion Demonstrator
        Phases of the Moon
        Globe with Gridlines
        Precession of Earth's Axis
        Celestial Globe
        Earth Model with Ecliptic
        Crater Formation Model
        Making a Comet
        A Private Universe
        Solar Motion Simulator
        Planetary Cooling
    Stellar Astronomy
        Pulsar Model I
        Pulsar Discovery
        Pulsar Model II
        Relative Star Sizes
        Solar Convection Cells
        Supernova Core Bounce
        Gravitational Lens
        Sun Spots
        Apparent Brightness
        Twinkling Star
        Laser Speckle
        Expanding Universe - 1D
        Expanding Universe - 2D
        Center of Expansion
    AV Materials
    Web Resources